Numerical Investigation of D-band Rectangular Dielectric Waveguides and their Bending Effects

APMC 2022, Yokohama, Japan / Online, Dec. 2022, pp. 770-772


H. Takahashi, M. E. Gadringer, S. Krainer, H. Paulitsch, and W. Bösch


This paper presents a numerical characterization of D-band rectangular dielectric waveguides (DWG) commonly used for short-range, high-speed communication links. Propagation characteristics such as ωβ diagram, group delay and attenuation are examined for two families of dielectric waveguide structures with either a solid or a hollow core using Integral equation solver of CST Microwave Studio. In addition, the impact of bending the waveguide on the loss and phase characteristics are also numerically computed. Finally, we highlight the frequency-dependent propagation characteristics of the DWGs based on their shape and material of the core, and the direction of bending. This summary provide a good insight into the DWG’s wave propagation effects.